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Comfortable house by the sea – the perfect place to live for a family. Especially a house by the sea in Odesa, where business and leisure opportunities are perfectly combined. It is the Odesa coast, where sprawls Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) – a complex of private houses that will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) – a complex of private houses that will satisfy the most demanding customer. The cottage estate Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) in Odesa is already constructed and commissioned. 25 private houses in the Mediterranean style are located in the relic park on the 1st line of the sea. Here one can rest from day-to-day hassles and enjoy life far from hustle and bustle. Comfort, service, safety – Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) meets the strictest requirements.

You may buy a house by the sea in Odesa with a classic style finishing. Or, alternatively, you may turn into reality your dreams and wishes by choosing a villa without finishing. Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) has the best in Odesa beach promenade and its own white sand beach.

The southern sun, private beach, cozy restaurants and Odesa hospitality are always waiting for you at the 16 stantsiia Velykoho Fontanu.

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Bright sun, a beach of clean white sand,
cafes and restaurants on the seaside

are waiting for you in the area of the 16th station of the Big Fountain.
KP "Zolotoy Bereg" is a new cottage community, already commissioned, consisting of 25 villas located by the sea on the first line, in a park with relict green spaces.
It has its own beach and a magnificent promenade. This is amazing place where you can have a good rest away from the bustle of the city.
Here you can buy a house with interior decoration in a classic style or choose a house on the seashore without finishing in order to embody your own dreams and wishes in interior design .
luxury private houses
in Mediterranean style
Minutes to the Airport.
It is convenient and fast to get there!
Minutes to Center.
Cafes, supermarkets, entertainment - nearby!
Posts of twenty-four-hour guarding


Sea view
The unique project of the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) complex in Odesa provides equal conditions to the owners of all the villas. Any point of the terraces of each house offers its own view of the Black Sea. There is created the full-fledged infrastructure for living, recreation and relaxation.
In contrast to the suburban complexes, the cottage estate Golden beach (Zolotyi Bereg) is located directly in Odesa. Next to our houses are tennis club, fitness center, yacht club, 3 luxury SPA salons, famous Victory Gardens, Arcadia, the legendary Ibiza, banquet house, restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment venues.
Each villa is unique
Each villa in the complex of private houses Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) in Odesa is unique. There are no two identical layouts. You can choose and buy a house by the sea with the area and number of floors you need, with a garage for one or two cars. .
The complex of private houses Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) in Odesa was built in the Spanish style. The traditional minimalism in the forms of buildings is combined with the richness of the decor in the exterior elements. Columns, porticos, balconies, balusters complement the Mediterranean look of the complex.
Each villa of the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) complex has living room, dining room with fireplace, bedrooms, cabinet and game room. At the hobby level there are home cinema, billiard room and sauna. There are all the auxiliary rooms and garage for 2 cars. In the courtyard of each villa there is swimming pool and barbecue area.
Top quality construction
The foundation of the cottage estate Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) in Odesa is made of solid reinforced concrete slab that guarantees no sagging. The walls of private houses are built of red effective bricks. The roof is lined with Spanish tile from natural baked clay. Roof tile is produced for special order in Spain, given the fact that the houses are located directly by the sea.
Only natural materials
The terraces of all the private houses of the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) complex are lined with natural burned tiles and beige sandstone. All walkways are finished with natural granite with anti-slip coating. Drainage systems are made of steel and copper, window systems are made of natural wood.
Advanced communications
The cutting-edge communications are available in every private house of the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) complex. There is constructed the dedicated fiber optic line, providing high-speed Internet. Automated systems of outdoor lighting, automatic irrigation, anti-icing and snowmelt.

Are you ready to live in a truly royal suite? Then send us an application and specify the details

1/Smart home system
The smart home system implemented in each cottage is your reliable and mindful assistant. It helps you to control the lighting, temperature and floor heating, controls the water supply and heating, security and fire alarms.
2/Rest zone
All the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) private houses have access to the relict park. Here, there is collected a unique collection of plants and flowers. There are more than 2.5 thousand bushes of only roses in the park! In the upper part of the park there are several sports grounds for adults and the playground for children. At the bottom of the park you can enjoy the fountains and the view of the sea from the observation terrace.
3/Promenade and beach
The complex of private houses Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) has the best promenade in Odesa. The exit from the villas to the promenade is through the park. From the promenade you can go down to the white sand beach. The beach is equipped with the rescue station. Sun loungers, umbrellas are provided. Bar.
4/Absolute security
The entire complex of private houses Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) is under constant video surveillance and round the clock security. The entry of cars is through the checkpoint, the entrance to the complex from the promenade side – through the gate with a system of magnetic keys. Guest parking is also secured.
5/Concierge service
The owners of the houses of the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) complex are provided with the highest level of service. Concierge service provides villas cleaning, maintenance of swimming pools and green areas, grocery shopping, pet care, etc. The service personnel is ready to help with any wishes of homeowners.
6/Sales department
The sales department of the Golden Beach (Zolotyi Bereg) complex will answer all your questions and help you to choose the right house by the sea in Odesa. “To see once and stay here to live”, – say the owners of our houses. Move to us and enjoy your own house, luxurious park, sandy beach and quiet splash of oncoming sea.


The best club type cottage town in Ukraine

exclusive project
The project was developed by the architectural studio "BELETAGE DESIGN GROUP" under the leadership of Yuri Belikov, winner of numerous architectural awards, laureate of the "Architectural Prize". "Zolotoy Bereg" received the title of "The best club-type cottage town in Ukraine" for the concept of the complex and architectural solutions.
Complex readiness
Complex readiness
total area
420-700 m2
total area
Park territory
1000 m2
Park territory
Concierge service
Concierge service
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